Well Drilling Services & Water Pump Installation from Danville, Pennsylvania

Don't get flooded with high water bills when our business in Danville, Pennsylvania, can save you money with water pump installation and water well drilling services. We also provide convenient 24/7 emergency services whenever you need us.
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Well Drilling Services

Enjoy free consultations and estimates when you hire Swank & Son to drill your well. After visiting your site and offering free estimates, we determine the best location of the well and the pressure tank. Our team works closely with you to assess your water needs.
The size of the system depends on the amount of water you require for your family, commercial business, or agricultural purposes. Swank & Son has two different types of drilling rigs: an Ingersoll Rand™ T3 rig and a T4 rig. Our T4 is intended for bigger projects, deeper wells, or harder ground. These rigs can drill wells more than 1,000 feet deep.

Water Pump Installation & Repairs

Swank & Son installs high-quality Goulds Pumps. In addition, we also service other brands. If your pump is unable to be repaired, we have trucks that are fully stocked with replacement Goulds Pumps so that you don't have to go long without water.
Keep your pump running smoothly when we repair your electrical problems and bad motors. Generally, the average residential pump lasts about 10 years. Our company carries a variety of pump sizes from 1/2-horsepower to 5-horsepower and larger if necessary. We also carry constant pressure pumps that keep water pressure in your house at an even level.
Contact us to request an estimate for affordable water well drilling that doesn't drain your budget.