Water Testing & Treatment Services in Danville, Pennsylvania

Enjoy clean and clear water from your own backyard with the water testing and treatment services offered by our company in Danville, Pennsylvania.
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Water Testing Services

Identify contaminants in your water before you drink another drop. Swank & Son comes out and tests your water free of charge, checking for hardness, iron, sulfur, and pH levels. For more extensive additional testing, we send our results to the lab. Call us at (570) 275-1292 for details about additional tests that include:
  • Bacteria Tests
  • FHA Water Tests
  • Lead Tests
  • Nitrate Tests

Water Treatment Services

Do you smell something fishy in your water? Perhaps it leaves behind stains on your dishes. Allow us to set up a new filtration system that ensures your water is safe to drink. Once Swank & Son has the test results, we determine the size and type of system needed for your water consumption needs. As always, we provide written and reasonable estimates for your new filtration system.

Well Grouting Services

Swank & Son provides comprehensive services for purposes of well abandonment and grouting. In order to comply with township codes and safety standards, we fill in the wells for customers. Our company has a special pressure grouter to achieve a complete and efficient fill.
Contact us to request an estimate for water testing and well drilling from our established and respected company.